Versioned name: ReduceSum-1

Category: Reduction

Short description: ReduceSum operation performs reduction with addition of the 1st input tensor in slices specified by the second input.

OpenVINO description: This OP is as same as OpenVINO OP


  • keep_dims

    • Description: If set to True it holds axes that are used for reduction. For each such axis, output dimension is equal to 1.

    • Range of values: True or False

    • Type: boolean

    • Default value: False

    • Required: no


  • 1: Input tensor x of type T1. Required.

  • 2: Scalar or 1D tensor of type T_IND with axis indices for the 1st input along which reduction is performed. Accepted range is [-r, r-1] where r is the rank of input tensor, all values must be unique, repeats are not allowed. Required.


  • 1: Tensor of the same type as the 1st input tensor and shape[i] = shapeOf(input1)[i] for all i that is not in the list of axes from the second input. For dimensions from the second input tensor, shape[i] == 1 if keep_dims == True, or i-th dimension is removed from the output otherwise.


  • T1: any supported numeric type.

  • T_IND: int64 or int32.

Detailed Description

Each element in the output is the result of reduction with addition operation along dimensions specified by the second input:

output[i0, i1, …, iN] = sum[j0,…, jN](x[j0, …, jN]))

Where indices i0, …, iN run through all valid indices for the 1st input and summation sum[j0, ..., jN] have jk = ik for those dimensions k that are not in the set of indices specified by the second input of the operation. Corner cases:

  1. When the second input is an empty list, then this operation does nothing, it is an identity.

  2. When the second input contains all dimensions of the 1st input, this means that a single reduction value is calculated for entire input tensor.