Versioned name: SoftMax-1

Category: Activation

Short description: Reference

OpenVINO description: This OP is as same as OpenVINO OP

Detailed description: Reference


  • axis

    • Description: axis represents the axis of which the SoftMax is calculated. axis equal 1 is a default value.

    • Range of values: positive integer value

    • Type: int

    • Default value: 1

    • Required: no


  • 1: Input tensor with enough number of dimension to be compatible with axis attribute. Required.


  • 1: The resulting tensor of the same shape and type as input tensor.

Detailed description

\[y_{c} = \frac{e^{Z_{c}}}{\sum_{d=1}^{C}e^{Z_{d}}}\]

where \(C\) is a size of tensor along axis dimension.