global_control Class


Use this class to control certain settings or behavior of the oneAPI Threading Building Blocks dynamic library.


class global_control;


An object of class global_control, or a “control variable”, affects one of several behavioral aspects, or parameters, of TBB. Class global_control is primarily intended for use at the application level, to control the whole application behavior.


You should avoid using this class in libraries and plugins, as it could result in broad impact on composability and performance.

The current set of parameters that you can modify is defined by global_control::parameter enumeration. The parameter and the value it should take are specified as arguments to the constructor of a control variable. The impact of the control variable ends when its lifetime is complete.

Control variables can be created in different threads, and may have nested or overlapping scopes. However, at any point in time each controlled parameter has a single active value that applies to the whole process. This value is selected from all currently existing control variables by applying a parameter-specific selection rule.

Global control parameters


Selection rule




Limit total number of worker threads that can be active in the task scheduler to parameter value - 1.


With max_allowed_parallelism set to 1, global_control enforces serial execution of all tasks by the application thread(s), i.e. the task scheduler does not allow worker threads to run. There is one exception: if some work is submitted for execution via task::enqueue or task_arena::enqueue, a single worker thread will still run ignoring the max_allowed_parallelism restriction.



Set stack size for threads created by the library, including working threads in the task scheduler and threads controlled by thread wrapper classes.


  • For Windows 8 Store* applications stack size cannot be set.

  • For Windows* OS, valid stack size values are limited to 4 GB.


#include "tbb/parallel_for.h"
#include "tbb/task_scheduler_init.h"
#include "tbb/global_control.h"

using namespace tbb;

void foo()
    // The following code could use up to 16 threads.
    task_scheduler_init tsi(16);
    parallel_for( . . . );

void bar()
    // The following code could use up to 8 threads.
    task_scheduler_init tsi(8);
    parallel_for( . . . );

int main()
        const size_t parallelism = task_scheduler_init::default_num_threads();
        // total parallelism that TBB can utilize is cut in half for the dynamic extension
        // of the given scope, including calls to foo() and bar()
        global_control c(global_control::max_allowed_parallelism, parallelism/2);
    } // restore previous parallelism limitation, if one existed


namespace tbb {
    class global_control {
        enum parameter {

        global_control(parameter p, size_t value);
        static size_t active_value(parameter param);
} // namespace tbb

The following table provides additional information on the members of the class.

Member, Description

static size_t active_value(parameter param);

Returns the currently active value of the setting defined by param.

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