speculative_spin_rw_mutex Class


Class that models ReaderWriterMutex Concept, and for processors which support hardware transactional memory (such as Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX)) may be implemented in a way that allows non-contending changes to the protected data to proceed in parallel.


class speculative_spin_rw_mutex;


A speculative_spin_rw_mutex models the ReaderWriterMutex Concept. It is not fair and not recursive. A speculative_spin_rw_mutex is like a spin_rw_mutex, but it may provide better throughput than non-speculative mutexes when the following conditions are met:

  • Running on a processor that supports hardware transactional memory, and

  • multiple threads can concurrently execute the critical section(s) protected by the mutex, mostly without conflicting.

Otherwise it performs like a spin_rw_mutex, possibly with worse throughput.

Please see the Speculative locking section for more details.

For processors that support Intel TSX, speculative_spin_rw_mutex is implemented in a way such that

  • speculative readers and writers do not block each other;

  • a non-speculative reader blocks writers but allows speculative readers;

  • a non-speculative writer blocks all readers and writers.


The speculative_spin_rw_mutex is padded to ensure each instance appears on a separate cache line not shared with any other data. Because of that the size of the mutex is three times the cache line size.